originally from Monday, June 8, 2009

First day of the second week of art class.  I’m taking life drawing and anatomy with James McElhinney and it’s simpler than it sounds.  We (kind of a rag-tag bunch of college and art school kids, 20-something struggling Brooklyn artists and theater designers, old (ish) folk who are retirees, foreigners (Japanese, Russian) and Real Life Artists who are full time league students) get in at around 8:45, set up an easel and coffee, and at 9 sharp our model comes in, takes off her clothes, and starts the set of two-minute poses that we warm up with.  Our new model for the week is a beautiful woman with the body of a greek goddess.

It was tough starting class today after going to bed the night before at 3.  D and I watched a ton of Beatles anthology  and then we decided to have some cinnamon eggo waffles with icecream on top.  D has been helping me with beginning on the guitar, and with some extra effort, I’m managing my first barre chords.  My goal is to play one day like this girl— who I think really gets Mississippi John Hurt’s sweet style.  But fingerpicking is a bit of a long way off.

Well, I’ve got to rise at six, so good night.


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