music and pictures

originally from Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday is open day at league, which means that it’s a lot more relaxed–any member can pay for the day to come into our studio and sketch our model.  What seems to happen is that no new members come, and some of the regulars in the class even skip out, which means I get a good spot, a decent easel, and there’s plenty of space.  I also bought my ipod, with its cobbled together collection of Beatles, blues, and Beethoven.  Of the first, I heard Abbey Road (every time I go to a party with a certain group of friends, we end the night by listening through the album).  And then I decided that for the last hour I’d listen to Beethoven’s final three sonatas.  This was the music that I got for D’s graduation present and I wanted to check and see if it was right.  How can I describe this music?  It’s pretty different, I might even use the word “experimental” to describe it– it doesn’t sound to me like a neat sonata structure, and has intriguing key changes, seems to meander, as if he’s not ready to complete the circle and settle, but must seek and find the long way around.  Some of it is aggressive and intense, but a lot of it is very quiet, subtle and searching.  It is like listening to someone’s last words.  The quiet concentration and stillness of the studio, one of tamest places I’ve ever been in the best sense of the word “tame”–the model and artists are still for twenty minutes at once–made it an appropriate atmosphere for that music.

After a lunch outside with J, I went back to town to meet with T, a best high school friend.  It was wonderful, I couldn’t have asked for a better too-brief reunion: an afternoon and night of talking in the usual hang out spots: playground, then diner.  That’s how we do it.
Returning to my dark home, I watched music videos and this blood-spattered preview .  Yeah, I’ll see this.  There are few cinematic premises I find more exciting than nazi-hunting and Brad Pitt’s ridiculous accent.

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