statue of liberty

Originally from Saturday, July 25, 2010

In the time since I have last posted, I have received my thick Russian-winter-designated boots, I have noted more than one irritating side effect of the antibiotics which saved me (post wisdom teeth removal) from infection, I have seen and planned to re-see Inception, and I have enjoyed and weathered the visit of my aunt and two young cousins. L is a nine year old boy and A is a just-turned-seven year old girl.
I titled this post “statue of liberty” because of L’s reaction to seeing the monument when we brought him to New York. To him, the statue was literally mythical; he said he wanted to see it so he could know that it truly existed! We met up with D and he led us to river in Battery Park so we could see look at it from afar. (By the way, the parks by D’s apartment building are really something; this particular stretch of park and esplanade has a sculpture of two spherical stone breasts poised on a well manicured lawn.) We got there at sunset, and while A was not particularly excited about the distant statue, L actually cried at the sight of it. I never noticed, by the way, that the torch actually lights up in the evening.
I could write more about these two cousins of mine and the various enchantments of visiting New York (for A, it was a kitschy horse-drawn carriage ride around the park and a trip to the Plaza to see Eloise) but I am exhausted from being with them in the city for the past couple of days. Now I’m going to eat edamame and watch Empire Strikes Back by myself to fulfill my plan for a relaxing night. Yes.


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