“lie detector”

My favorite show so far on Russian TV is Detektor Lzhi, or “Lie Detector”.  It’s a game show that seems uniquely Russian in its mood. I think it would never fly in America…

It’s a family game show, but it’s very dark.  The setup is a little bit “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire,” that is, you answer a series of questions of ascending difficulty for more and more money.  That’s where the similarity ends.  For one, you make way less money.  And then there’s the content of the questions.  The whole family goes on the show, and one family member–it tends to be an embittered, overweight, mother with grown children–sits in a special chair with some sort of sensors allegedly built into the armrests.  She’s given questions like, “Do you find your daughter completely unattractive?” and “Did your husband ruin your life?” and if she can answer the question truthfully in the presence of her family, then she wins money and moves onto the next stage (all while her family begs her to stop…)


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