the unpredictability of Russia

Two days ago I bought tickets to go see a production of The Cherry Orchard at the Lenkom Theater (the name “Lenkom” is a result of the Soviets’ lust for making clunky new words out of abbreviated titles, this one’s reduced from “Leninskiy Komsomol,” Komsomol being the name of the Communist youth organization and itself an abbreviation… )  The show is tonight so I had to go to a ticket booth in a metro station across town to get one of the last tickets.  Checking the website again this morning, the Chekhov play has been replaced by a 1981 rock opera called Juno and Avos.  Whaaa?  Feel like a rug’s been pulled out from under me.  This is not the first time something unpredictable and strange has happened to me in Russia though, so I guess I’m going to just go with it like I always do (there’s never much of a choice).  So tonight, I’ll be seeing that damn rock opera.  I’ll let you know if it’s any good.


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