I didn’t stay for Juno and Avos!  My lovely new friend, a math student at MGU (I’ll probably soon get to know the whole department on account of her) told me that I should go ahead and see the show, and so I embarked, slightly disgruntled, to check it out.  The subway stalled several times on the way, and on top of that navigating the side-streets off Tverskaya always proves a challenge, so I arrived ten minutes late.  If it had been Chekhov, I would have left early enough to prevent this from happening…

I hurried up the stairs and and entered at the back of the theater.  Within seconds, I remembered that I cannot stand musicals, and that “rock-opera” is just an edgy name for musical theater.  There was loud singing, so loud and just… I couldn’t even understand the Russian, and the acting seemed lousy and overdone, like at most musicals, and ugh, there was even stupid dancing… I heard one woman standing near me say, “kashmar kakoi-to” which means “what a nightmare,” although I don’t know if she was referring to the sudden replacement of Chekhov’s late masterpiece with, you know… this stuff (I don’t care if one of the arts reviewers from the NY Times liked it, they’re full of crap anyway) or just commenting on the fact that we couldn’t get to our seats because we were late.  Guess it’s just another mystery.


One response to “verdict

  1. rent is a rock-opera! it’s good! 😉

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